BUG HP Gone. Drummer?

BUG's official HP is gone and now is located at along with FC BUG. It appears as if Takeshi is the official drummer now and not temporary. Check out Takshi's photo in the profile section. He looks like Aki's (Laputa) older brother. Asaki is Kyo's idol? Wtf? Lol...
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I have SHIN MUROHIME's DIGIPOP album encoded and shared on Soul Seek.

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Furuton Gone?

It's hard to check from the perfect source since the entire BUG HP is in f'n flash but it appears that Furuton has left BUG. I was browsing the BUG fansite below and many of the posters on the BBS are discussing his succession from the group.

Oh and apparently Ken, Furuton, and INA all appeared on stage with Spin Aqua a week ago... :p Almost OD...


Wouldn't have imagined there is community for band like BUG. Uh oh...

Well hello...I am huuuuuuge fan of Kyo's. I like the band but I love all Kyo's bands before. Especially D'erlanger and his solo.
:/ And I am rather pissed my latest BUG albums seem to have gotten lost in the mail. >.
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